Hoosier Travel Terms and Conditions

Policies and Procedures

1) This trip is non-school sponsored. Since this tour is not school-sponsored, the right to refuse a Student’s application in the best interest of the tour is reserved by Hoosier Travel.

2) The trip is sold as a first come first serve. Students who pay in full or make a deposit on the initial sign up will be counted and assigned in order of sign up on the trip roster. This trip is based on 45 and maximum of the first 50 participants. Students on the roster after the first 50 may not get tickets to all events planned for this trip.

3) Students Behavior: Students whose behavior issues, in school or otherwise that is a cause for concern and deemed inappropriate by the tour moderators, may be dropped from the trip roster. Students who commit acts (including but not limited to stealing, drinking. drug use, smoking, bullying, violence, fighting etc.) deemed inappropriate and a cause for concern by the tour moderators may be dropped from the trip roster. If the tour moderator cancels an individual because of behavior issues or concerns, theIndividual Cancellation Policy applies.


4) Trip insurance requires sign up within 14 days of the down payment deposited and is non-refundable

5) Travel Safe Protect-A-Group Comprehensive Plus Travel Protection Plan (920P) – Hoosier Travel has purchased insurance on your behalf to protect your travel investment, your belongings and most importantly you!  The Protect-A-Group certificate will be sent to you at time of enrollment and will also be included in your final documents.  The plan provides a package of benefits including Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Medical, Baggage and more. For questions regarding the Protect-A-Group Plan, please call Travel Safe Insurance at 800-523-8020 or visit our website -www.travelsafe.com.

6) Insurance surcharge: Any individual who signs up after the initial down payment due date may be subject to slight insurance surcharge on the trip policy.

7) Payments: 


Payment #   Payment Due Dates Student Amount Due Adult Amount Due
Down payment       Thursday, 10/10/19      $150.00     $175.00

1                               Thursday, 11/7/19       $150.00       $175.00

2                               Thursday, 12/5/19       $150.00       $175.00

3                               Thursday, 1/9/20       $150.00       $175.00

4                               Thursday, 2/6/20       $150.00       $175.00
5                               Thursday, 3/5/20       $150.00       $175.00
6                               Thursday, 4/16/20       $150.00       $175.00

7                               Thursday, 5/7/20       $150.00        $175.00

8) A Statement will be given to each student after the final payment. NOTE: As a limited amount of bus and hotel space has been reserved, applications will be accepted on a first come basis, students may be confirmed before parents/guardians depending on the initial sign up numbers.

9) Late Payment Fee: Any Individual’s payment made after 7 days due is subject to a $15.00 late payment fee.
Returned Checks are subject to a $35.00 NSF fee. 

10) Roster Position Forfeits:Any Individual’s payment late more than 10 days past the due date, forfeit their roster position attained from their initial sign up. There are no refunds given for any Individual who forfeits and loses his or hers roster position. Any Individual who forfeits can file a claim to receive 75 % of their monies paid toward the trip with the travel insurance provider.

11) Limited Criminal Background Checks:  individuals paying to go on this trip may be required to attain a criminal background check.


General Information

  1. Possible Surcharges for this tour. The price of the National Treasures Tour is subject to increase if there are less than 45 paid participants at the time of the final trip meeting, or if the number of tour participants is not sufficient to cover transportation costs of additional buses. Fuel surcharges, taxes or unforeseen trip costs are also possibilities for a trip surcharge. Per person bus surcharges are: $35.00 for 40-44 paid participants per tour bus, $55.00 for 35-39 paid participants per tour bus, $75.00 for 30-34 paid participants per tour bus, $95.00 for 25-29 paid participants per tour bus. For less than 24 paid per tour bus, the surcharge will be determined at the time of the final trip meeting.

  2. Per person insurance coverage: $100,000 Medical, $750.00 dental, Trip cancellation (cancel for any reason, up to 75 % of trip cost, see restrictions), Hospital of Choice, and Evacuation.
  3. Insurance Surcharge – Please note: Some adult trip participants may incur an insurance surcharge due to age. You will be notified prior to your application acceptance if a surcharge is incurred.

  4. Payments – All payments are required by the dates indicated in the cover letter and in the policies and procedures section. Personal and/or business checks will not be accepted 28 days or less prior to the tour. Prior to departure, information will be sent specifying final details of the tour.

  5. Failure to completely pay for the tour by the deadline date may result in the participant being dropped from the tour. Failure to make timely payments will result in late payment fees and possible loss of roster positions. If space is still available after the deadline date, a $50.00 late sign-up fee will be charged.

  6. All cancellations are subject to the 75% cancel for any reason reimbursement policy from Travel Safe. The cost of this insurance is included in the trip cost and is nonrefundable. A claim must be filed with Travel Safe Insurance 48 hours prior to trip departure to receive 75% of all monies paid for this trip. The cancel for any reason coverage is only in force 48 hours prior to trip departure. Call 1-888-411-5378 or go to the web at www.travelsafe.com.  Contact Hoosier Travel in advance to get directions for cancellations and filing for a refund claim. Hoosier Travel, LLC will not issue any refunds due to individual trip cancellations.

  7. The initial deposit payment as well all subsequent payments paid to Hoosier Travel LLC for this trip are non refundable. You can file a claim with Travel Safe Insurance to receive 75% of your payments and initial deposits if you choose to cancel and contract Travel Safe 48 hours prior to departure.

  8. If the tour moderators or schools cancel an individual or the tour, the Individual Cancellation Policy applies.

  9. If the tour moderators or schools cancel an individual because of behavior issues or concerns, the Individual Cancellation Policy applies.

  10. If the tour moderators or school changes the tour date or destination, all monies received will be transferred to the new tour Date/Destination. Individual cancellations after the date/destination change will be subject to the Individual Cancellation Policy.

  11. If Hoosier Travel LLC changes the date/destination and you feel it necessary to cancel because of the change(s), a refund of 25 % of the trip cost less the cost of the Travel Safe Insurance policy will be provided as long as a letter is Received and postmarked no more than 14 days after the change is announced, the remaining 75% of your trip cost will be reimbursed by Travel Safe under the rules and terms of the 75% cancel for any reason policy.

  12. If individuals cancel due to a covered reason on the policy, up to 100% of your nonrefundable monies back less the cost of the policy can be recovered.  Example; sickness, injury or death of insured or immediate family member etc., Please see policy for full description of coverage. These cancellations can be done right before departure. You must file a timely claim with TravelSafe and provide requested documentation (a signed doctor’s note, certificates of proof, canceled checks etc.). Call 888-411-5378 or go to www.travelsafe.com. Contact Hoosier Travel in advance to get direction for cancellations and filing for a refund claim.

  13. Hoosier Travel LLC will not issue any refunds for the cost of trip cancellation or trip interruption due to events either natural or man-made that are not covered under the terms of the 75% cancel for any reason reimbursement policy from Travel Safe Insurance. This includes, but is not limited to government issued restrictions, quarantines, mandates, declarations, natural disaster, national, state, county, or city emergency, inclement weather, acts of war, terrorist attacks, domestic crime, violence, or attacks, civil disorder or riot, pandemic or viral outbreaks, illnesses or flu. Although these events would be normally covered under the Cancel for any reason 48 hours prior to departure, less than 48 hours to departure not all events or issues may be covered if cancellation or trip interruption is necessary.


Student, Parent/Guardian Agreement

AT SCHOOL: Student and parents or guardians also gives permission to the tour moderators and to their child’s school administrators, teachers, counselors, and school personnel to discuss my child’s personal school information, including, but not limited to, school records, behavior, discipline, medical, performance, and attendance issues. Parent and guardian agree to hold any of the above school personnel harmless for any discussed recommendations made or decisions made on the information provided.

DURING TRIP: Major infractions by students during this trip—possession or use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, leaving assigned room after curfew, leaving the hotel, fighting, bullying, battery, criminal actions, stealing or shop lifting, refusal to obey chaperones’ instructions, etc.—result in an immediate phone call home and the possibility of an immediate return home from the tour along with possible police actions. (Note: If the moderators decide to send a student home a refund will not be given, arrangements will be made with the family and the student will be sent home prior to the conclusion of the tour. Parents/guardians will have to pay for the student s trip home or come and pick the student up.

Hoosier Travel LLC, reserves the right along with the tour moderators to make changes in the trip program from time to time in order to maintain the integrity and value of the planned trip. In the unlikely event that this trip tour date requires changing, the tour moderators will make the decision, and the cancellation policy stated above remains in effect.

Additional forms needed: Prior to departure, parent or guardian also agrees to provide behavior, medical information and release forms, phone tree and possible security form and information required for the Pentagon and White House, if needed.

RESPONSIBILITY: Hoosier Travel LLC is not responsible for any services or accommodation provided by third parties and disclaims any liability for personal injury, property damage, or other loss to the traveler unless such damage, injury or loss is caused by the willful and wanton negligence of Hoosier Travel. With respect to the student traveler, the student and his/her parents(s) or guardian assume full responsibility for any damages, injury, or losses that might occur during the tour except as stated above. Any photo or video likeness taken of a participant and any comment or statement made by him/her while taking part in a Hoosier Travel program may be used in materials published by Hoosier Travel without permission or compensation.